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Asian Inspired Tacos

Evidently, I’ve got the “Asian flavors” bug this month, because when I needed a quick set of seasonings for some ground beef to put in taco shells, I ended up with the following Asian Taco recipe: Asian Tacos 1 lb. … Continue reading

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Asian Pear: Perfect, Passable, or Pathetic?

The other day when we were busy flying through the grocery store–list in hand, because we always spend less when we have a list–I noticed that there was a pear with it’s own protective wrapping around it. I looked at … Continue reading

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English Muffin Pizzas

Tuesday marked my second trip to the local food bank. Among other things, I came home with a package of English muffins. I also came home hoping to turn them into something easy for lunch. I drug out my trusty … Continue reading

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Mustard Crusted Pork Loin: Take 1

A couple nights ago I tried another pork recipe, going for a pork roast on the advice of one of the readers. Before I committed to it, however, I went surfing through the Food Network recipes to see if anything … Continue reading

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Tasty Turkey Burgers and Cursed Cravings

We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather here the past few days. 50s, 60s, even had a day that hit the 70s! And with all the snow melting, it has smelled wonderful too. Felt like spring, even though I–as an Iowan … Continue reading

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Feeding America: Expanding My Palette

Today I wanted to talk about Feeding America, a program that I learned about through my husband’s work and which turned out to be not only a useful tool but also a way to force me to expand my tastes. … Continue reading

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Food Showcase: Asian Foods

On our way home from Wisconsin, my husband got a craving for Chinese food. He tried to hide it by saying he wanted to get it for me. That the hot and sour soup would be good for my cold; … Continue reading

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