Adventures of a picky eater: the beginning

With my world crashing down around me, I’ve come to two realizations.

One: there is very little in MY life that is actually within MY control.

And two: what I CAN control, I SHOULD control. Making a living off of my dreams is, unfortunately, not completely in my control. FOLLOWING my dreams, however, is most certainly within the realm of what I can control. Just because I can’t guarantee success does not mean that I should not attempt success. So, here I am, taking my dreams by the reins–or, more accurately, the keyboard–and fusing many of the good things in my life into one fabulous adventure. Something that can be mine–my project, my escape, and mine to control: a food blog.

What “good things in my life” have led to this decision? Most obviously, my love of food and my love of writing. Both provide me comfort in times of need and provide avenues for me to process, react to, and celebrate events in my life. With a hurricane of uncontrollable events crashing against my shores every day, my sanity and health–and by extension, my family’s sanity and health–have been suffering.

And that’s where the other “good things in my life” come into play, because my family is the absolute BEST thing in my life. Over the past eighteen months, as my life has become more obviously out of my control, my eating has also gotten more out of control. My pop drinking has soared, my craving of sweets has risen in frequency and intensity, and my emotional reliance on my comfort foods (mainly pizza and macaroni and cheese) has also grown.

Still don’t see where my family fits in? Well, since I’m a picky eater and my husband is most decidedly not picky, my husband eats whatever I want to eat. And my two children are, naturally, being raised to eat whatever my husband and I eat. That my children are going to grow up with the same unhealthy habits my picky, emotional eating has created in me is particularly distressing.

So in the spirit of controlling what I can control, I have decided to move towards a healthier, more varied food life for my family. And as writing has always provided me with stress relief and being a writer is one of my dreams, I’ve decided to document my experiments and experiences, my successes and failures, and the reactions of my family along the way. In doing so, I hope to regain my sanity, my family’s health, and perhaps even help other people along the way.

To my readers:  What great revelations have you had during your life?


About Dallas Funk

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two children (a seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter), 20+ years of writing experience, and a passion for food that has been developed over a lifetime of experimenting. Over the past 12 years of marriage, I have worked hard to learn all that I can to make my family all that it can be. My expertise has been primarily self-taught, allowing me to provide insights for the average person, whether they be an aspiring cook, a new mother, or a hopeful writer. I have studied and experimented with baking, cooking, budget meals, healthy and tasty alternatives to comfort foods, and even food photography. By combining my writing experience, my hard won cooking expertise, and my "everyman" outlook, I offer a special and unique slant to food and dining. In January of 2015, I will receive my MFA in Creative Writing, with a Popular Fiction specialty, from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast Writing Program.
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