The Importance of Sleep

So, this is a pretty obvious statement I’m about to make here, but sleep is VERY important to accessing the healthy food highway. Just like in real driving, where a well-rested driver is essential to the safety of everyone in a vehicle, sleep is important to anyone attempting to drive on the healthy food highway.

How do I know this, you ask? Is it the scores of research that says the average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night or that being sleep deprived for three days in a row creates reaction times like those of a drunk person? Nope. I know this from personal experience.

Last night we stayed up 1 hour later. Just 1 hour. And today, I feel sick, tired (of course), sore all over, and most distressingly I am craving EVERYTHING. Sugar, carbohydrates, pop, sweets, salt, anything spicy…everything. This is not a good place to be when attempting to increase my exercise level once again or when trying to eat healthy. And it’s not good for my children to see how badly I want the bad food. Hopefully, they’ll instead notice the fact that even though I want those things and even though I’m kind of mopey as I try to find other foods, the fact remains that I am finding other foods. Or at the very least, they just won’t notice any of it. They are only 3 and 1 1/2, after all.

Still, the lack of sleep makes the difficult things (like resisting cravings and making smart choices) even more difficult and makes the fun things (like posting on the blog and playing with my children) draining and and a chore instead of being an uplifting, energizing experience.

For those of you who’d like a little more than this sleepy post from me, check out a review I wrote on the movie Fat Head, which can be found here, and then check out the movie itself or click on over to the blog that goes with the movie. It’s all worth the time, trust me.

To my readers: How do you get through your sleep deprived days? What ways have you found to ensure that you get everything done in a day and STILL get enough sleep?


About Dallas Funk

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two children (a seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter), 20+ years of writing experience, and a passion for food that has been developed over a lifetime of experimenting. Over the past 12 years of marriage, I have worked hard to learn all that I can to make my family all that it can be. My expertise has been primarily self-taught, allowing me to provide insights for the average person, whether they be an aspiring cook, a new mother, or a hopeful writer. I have studied and experimented with baking, cooking, budget meals, healthy and tasty alternatives to comfort foods, and even food photography. By combining my writing experience, my hard won cooking expertise, and my "everyman" outlook, I offer a special and unique slant to food and dining. In January of 2015, I will receive my MFA in Creative Writing, with a Popular Fiction specialty, from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast Writing Program.
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2 Responses to The Importance of Sleep

  1. I love to sleep whenever I can.

    • Ever since having kids I’ve learned that it’s important to be able to sleep whenever you get a chance. It’s one of those things that you hear before you have kids (you’re going to be tired; sleep whenever they sleep; etc, etc) but until you’re actually living it it doesn’t really sink in. Still, I was surprised by how much my lack of sleep impacted the intensity of my cravings!

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