Firecracker Dark Chocolate Bar: Bold and Beautiful

You may not think of chocolate as being a healthy food, and it is certainly high in sugar, however chocolate is not bad for you either, if you keep serving sizes in mind. In fact, dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and is full of antioxidants (which help “gobble up” free radicals). Eating a small bar of chocolate, a truffle, or a piece of a traditionally sized bar of chocolate can also help to signal the end of the day to your mouth and your mind–providing a sweet note to close out your eating and help control cravings.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you are by now familiar with the fact that I am fond of spicy foods. So imagine my delight when I was walking through my local Wal-mart and my eyes fell on the “Firecracker” dark chocolate bar. Not only is it dark chocolate, but it’s also got salt, popping candy, and CHIPOTLE in it. Sweet and spicy at the same time? It was too good to be true. I had to try it.

Dark Chocolate with Chipotle, Salt and Popping Candy
There are two servings in a bar, 190 calories per serving, and 19 grams of sugar per serving. Each bar–each BITE of the bar–also has an insane amount of flavor. The dark chocolate flavor itself if very subtle, but definitely there. It’s a kind of slow, soft flavor that introduces your mouth to the party it’s about to have. Then–if you’re being patient and allowing the chocolate to melt in your mouth–you’ll get a hint of salt, a delightful popping sensation, and then a slow steadily growing heat. For those who like chocolate and heat, this is a slice of heaven, wrapped in blue and just waiting for you to enjoy it!

To my readers: What’s the most unusual candy you’ve ever had?


About Dallas Funk

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two children (a seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter), 20+ years of writing experience, and a passion for food that has been developed over a lifetime of experimenting. Over the past 12 years of marriage, I have worked hard to learn all that I can to make my family all that it can be. My expertise has been primarily self-taught, allowing me to provide insights for the average person, whether they be an aspiring cook, a new mother, or a hopeful writer. I have studied and experimented with baking, cooking, budget meals, healthy and tasty alternatives to comfort foods, and even food photography. By combining my writing experience, my hard won cooking expertise, and my "everyman" outlook, I offer a special and unique slant to food and dining. In January of 2015, I will receive my MFA in Creative Writing, with a Popular Fiction specialty, from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast Writing Program.
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