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Kitchen Sink Cottage Cheese

One of the biggest difficulties of doing a healthy eating plan is all the eating that you have to do. Spreading the calories out through several meals and snacks during the day is nice because it helps you feel fuller … Continue reading

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Bananas in Pineapple Sauce

With all of the good information I’ve been reading about bananas lately (see my earlier post here) I decided to tackle bananas as something other than a cereal additive. It didn’t go that well, in our opinion, but here’s what … Continue reading

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Bananas: Healthy Carb Hunger Busters

I’ve been seeing bananas in the “news” a lot recently. Every little internet “news-finder” that I look at has included an article, recipes, etc. about the ability of bananas to help you curb hunger. It has to do with a … Continue reading

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Asian Pear: Perfect, Passable, or Pathetic?

The other day when we were busy flying through the grocery store–list in hand, because we always spend less when we have a list–I noticed that there was a pear with it’s own protective wrapping around it. I looked at … Continue reading

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