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Review: eMeals

My review of the eMeals service and app. Continue reading

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The Neverending Adventure

If anyone takes the time to really look at my post publication dates, you’ll notice that I am an irregular poster. But if those same people take the time to think about food for a second–which I am assuming they … Continue reading

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Free Day: Food Fun for Everyone

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. Nothing wrong, just a normal annual physical. I did end up talking to my doctor about weight and calories and eating, though. After all, when I showed having GAINED 7 pounds since my … Continue reading

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LBN Diet: Merging with the Healthy Food Highway

Recently, I’ve decided that it’s time to stop messing around. If I’m ever going to merge with the healthy food highway–and eventually the healthy LIFE highway–it needs to be now or never. And I’d much rather do it now than … Continue reading

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